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This Self-Propelled Tank Tread Looks Like The Future

This might seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but this self-propelled electric tank tread looks a lot like a potential future for transportation design.


It's called MTT-136, for My Track Technology. It's the product of Québécois inventor Yvon Martel (here are some of his patents). At first it looks at first like a big, all-terrain electric sled, but it also looks like it could be extremely, extremely practical. The whole drivetrain is contained in a single unit, so it would be very easy to haul whatever you want around. Something like a mechanical horse for the postmodern age.


The specs claimed in the video seem all over the place, with recharging time varying from 15 minutes to eight hours depending on the battery used in the somewhat mysterious device. Range is a similarly variable 28 to 130 miles. Curiously, weight is estimated at just 280 pounds.

I like to imagine that the MTT-136 could be scaled up - bolting two of these together for pulling farm equipment, attaching some kind of rudimentary chassis to build a simple go-anywhere offroader.


And why would you have to confine this thing just to offroad tracks? Redesign it into an on-road package and you have a completely self-contained drivetrain. The possibilities that would leave open for space-efficient transportation designs is endless.

Well, even if it doesn't pan out for transportation design, it does look really fun.


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