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Mazda Goes Back To Being Awesome, Patents Twincharger Technology

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Mazda hasn't been very exciting lately. There's been some talk about hybrids and efficient engines, but nothing really awesome. Now, a new patent application for an electric supercharged and turbocharged engine makes it look like the crazy old Mazda is back.


The patent drawings come to us from CorkSport, who found that they were actually approved by the US patent office in January 2010. You can see the application, which dates back to 2006, here.


It works like a twin-turbo engine, only Mazda's design uses a small electric-driven supercharger that boosts the engines at low revs and then disengages at a specific mid-range RPM point. That's when a variable vane turbocharger kicks in, which opens its blades to gulp in more exhaust as engine speed increases.

BMW is also designing electric compressors, but their system is more like a hybrid and less like a twin-turbo.


While Mazda is struggling financially, they know how to make cool things on a budget, and hopefully we'll see this twincharger technology in production in a few years.


Pictured is a 1993-2002 RX-7, the last exceptionally awesome production car Mazda built. Just to prove my point, they also came with double-boosted engines, in the form a twin-turbo rotary.


Photo Credit: Ricky Flores (RX-7), Mazda/CorkSport (patent drawing)

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