A Four Cylinder Shouldn't Sound This Good Because It's Actually A V6

Hey, remember when I said this four-cylinder Triumph Dolomite Sprint rally car has no business sounding as good as it does? Yeah, that's because it actually has a 2.5 liter V6 engine swap.

I admit my mistake, but the point actually remains the same. Today you pretty much only ever see V6s as motors for boring family cars and they all sound beyond dull. A V6 Camry makes impressive power, but no human being alive could recognize its engine tone with their eyes closed.

In that frame of reference, a V6 family sedan still has no business sounding as good as this Triumph Dolomite Sprint. Maybe it helps that the 2.5KV6 has throttle bodies taken from a Triumph 955i motorcycle!

(Hat tip to David Pothecary and ae86andkp61!)

A Four-Cylinder Family Sedan Shouldn't Sound This Good

This is a Triumph Dolomite Sprint. It has a two-liter fourbanger like most boring small family cars. And it has no business sounding as good as it does.

Maybe it's some special exhaust set up (this is a rally-prepped car after all), but even then a sound this fantastic shouldn't be coming from an ordinary-looking car.

(Hat tip to Biturbo288!)